Where to find the works of Aley / Arcadia in Second Life

Here you will find the most complete collection of all her works. Over 1000 items available from the Library’s vendors.  Special exhibits.  Updated monthly. Other quality freebies as well.
Hundreds of Aley and Arcadia’s items out on display. Pirates, sailing ships, submarines, tropical display with volcano, pirate graveyard, a wonderful collection of vehicles, slum city and hobo collections, and a large shop full of furniture and gadgets.  There is a mer village and large aquatica display under the docks.
The complete Pirate Town on display.  These buildings are full of cool items and hidden surprises.  Be sure to click on everything.  Don’t miss the Disney Nautilus and be sure to go below the docks to visit the mermaid village below. The Blake Sea Treasure Hunt starts here too!  You will also find a link here to the Fanci Deeps sims which are full of Aley’s newest creations.
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